Shoebridge Consulting

Text Box: How Shoebridge Consulting Can Help
Shoebridge Consulting provides:
Credible and practical input and analysis into any consideration of security, intelligence, terrorism, crime or policing issues
Pragmatic analysis of announcements, statistics and events relating to the above - electronically or in person, reflective or real-time
Independent validation and quality assurance of policy and commentary, such as articles, documentaries, research and policy documents
External auditing of security and crime management plans, and identification of best practice
Understanding of how policy and law translate into the realities of policing and security on the ground
Insight into police and offender modus operandi, working practices and thought processes
Alternative perspectives, original insights and fresh ideas in any area of policing and security concern
A wealth of factual knowledge 
Script consultancy 
Lecture, seminar and information services

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