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Text Box: Who Shoebridge Consulting Can Help

Shoebridge Consulting can assist:

Government, political parties, local authorities, charities and others involved in the formulation of security,  intelligence or crime policy

Journalists, broadcasters, politicians and others reporting or commenting upon any aspect of security, intelligence,  terrorism and crime.  Clients have included a wide variety of British and foreign organisations, including the Guardian, Police Review, Sky News, BBC Television and Radio, ITN and IRN, NBC, CBS, CNN, TF1, France 2, Al Arabiya and numerous other media from around the world

Authors and writers seeking credible and authoritative script consultancy.  Examples include Panorama  (BBC 1), Spy Chief (BBC 3), Sleeper Cell (FX), and Crisis Command (BBC 2 and BBC 4)

Social scientists, researchers, teachers and academics.  Examples include The Globalisation of Terror, a Chevening Scholars seminar given annually for the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), and Shockwave, a three day event in Newcastle for ‘gifted and talented’ students.

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